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  • Maintain a room temperature of 65-75 degrees for at least 24 hours prior to and after installation. This applies to all enclosed rooms, including 3-season rooms. If you have radiant heat, be sure to increase the heat gradually (a maximum of three degrees per day).
  • Remove as much furniture as possible from the installation area (including fish tanks, televisions, breakable items, etc.). Additional labor charges may be applied if furniture is not moved.
  • For new builds and/or active jobsites, make sure rooms are empty and clear of construction debris.
  • Disconnect all gas appliances (if applicable). Please DO NOT attempt to do this yourself; consult a professional. Our installers are not responsible for disconnecting or connecting appliances.
  • Disconnect water from all appliances (if applicable). Our installers are not responsible for disconnecting or connecting appliances.
  • Toilet bowls must be removed prior to installation for bathroom installations. Our installers do not pull or replace toilets.
  • Allow for a clean work area for the installer to pre-cut material. Be sure the power is on for the installer’s electrical tools.
  • Remember to keep pets in a safe space away from the installation area.


  • Shedding is a normal occurrence in a new cut pile carpet. Regular vacuuming will effectively remove loose fibers.
  • Door cutting. If your new carpet is thicker than your previous flooring, you may need to trim the bottom of your doors after installation to allow them to open and close. Our installers do not cut doors.
  • If your existing flooring is laid under moldings or quarter round, our installers will try to minimize breakage. However, they are not responsible if breakage occurs. You may need to do minor touch ups on molding after installation.
  • Minor Clean Up. Our installers make every effort to clean up any debris, however, some vacuuming and cleaning may be necessary.
  • Carpet Seams. Our installers do the best they can, but carpet seams are not invisible. Some seams may be more visible than others due to factors like the direction of the carpet and its pattern.
  • Pattern Matching. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, most print and multi-tone patterns are impossible to match perfectly.
  • Sheet Vinyl Installation. Don’t move heavy furniture onto the new vinyl for 24 to 48 hours to allow the adhesive to cure. Restrict traffic in seam areas for 24 hours after installation.